Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17, 2012. Dyersburg, TN to Charleston, MO. 77 miles.

This day started with breakfast and snacks at 7 AM in the parking lot. We were all rather anxious to be on our way on such a long day.... and it was supposed to be in the upper 80s again, so we did not want to be out on the road too late... There were a lot of twists and turns, and some rolling hills on our way out of town. A few dogs came out to chase us--and their owners were right on the front porch! What's the deal?


The first SAG was at the 22 mile point and Mary was right there. After that we made a stop at Reelfoot Lake, a large freshwater lake that was formed 200 years ago by an earthquake.  We did not stay there long, again, since it was such a long day. We rode all around the lake on our circuitous route, passing Hillbilly Junction on our route.

The Kentucky border was at mile 41, and Mary was there with the SAG car. We spent a little time there taking photos of each other. Here I am with Marni and Dianne--we rode together for most of the day. We also turned around and got "Tennessee State Line" photos while we were there. My Tennessee photo on the way into the state was of the sign and my bike--I was by myself that day.

Just 7 miles later we arrived at the Hickman-Dorena Ferry, which we boarded to cross the Mississippi River into Missouri. Pat and Short Jane were on the same ferry trip and I took a photo of their matching arm wounds--they both kissed the pavement on different days, Jane on the rainy day into Clarksdale last week, and Pat yesterday when a man riding his bike on the wrong side of the road mowed her down. They are both OK.

When we got off the ferry we were in Missouri--time for another state line photo!

We got on the bikes, headed back into the relentless headwind, and found Lynne and Penny at the 56 mile point, doing SAG duty since Mary was still on the other side of the river.

We got back on our bikes after the SAG stop and headed back into that wicked wind. It plagued us the rest of the ride. It was just Dianne and me after that, since Marni was having some knee issues and opted out at the SAG to ride another day.  Dianne and I arrived at the motel about 3:10, and Bill arrived soon after. Alas, this was my last day of riding this tour with these women. I hate to leave them all, but a promise is a promise, and I promised to be home for my niece Lena's wedding gala this Saturday.

 We had a margarita party, since we crossed a state line today. I asked Carol if we got two since we crossed 2 state lines, but it did not happen.... I stepped in to give her a goodbye hug...

We made a farewell toast.

The dinner was great, as usual, prepared by Lynne and Barb (her galley slave, sometimes called a sous chef). Bill was quite impressed with her use of the dutch ovens, the same utensils that his boy scouts use, but with somewhat less desirable results. Sayonara! It's back to Michigan (in the car) tomorrow.

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