Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012. New Roads, LA to Natchez, MS. 85.4 miles.

We planned an early start today, since it was such a long day... the motel had no breakfast available so Lynne boiled up some eggs and we had fruit, yogurt, and boiled eggs for breakfast. We were discussing Dianne's goal of cycling in every state, and a few others admitted they had the same goal. Here they are: Mary (from Ohio, henceforth known as Mary D), Dianne, Valerie from CA, and I jumped in at the last moment, so I guess it's my goal now too. I have cycled in 36 states so far--I've been counting while not committing to doing all 50.

Our cue sheet had us stopping at "Not your mama's cafe" to wait for the SAG to escort us across the Morganza Spillway. Our group was there first, and Mary D, today's SAG, showed up in good time. We waited for a group that was right behind us and away we went. There is NO shoulder on the bridge over the spillway, so we were very glad for the escort.

I was riding with a group this morning: Dianne, Marni, Valerie, and Yolande from the Netherlands. We got to the first SAG stop ahead of the driver, took a break and moved on down the road... At mile 30.6 we came upon this bridge over the lock.... we were told ahead of time to ignore the "no bikes" sign, which was a good thing--there is no other road for miles around.

After the "no bikes" bridge, the next entry on the cue sheet is 44.7 miles later... we were on the only road, and there was not much on it. No stores or gas stations, a few farms when we got near the end... no shade.

Lynne prepared lunch for us, since there was NO option for eating along the route. It was a great lunch and a nice break at the HydroElectric station. Here is Lynne in her chuck wagon kitchen.

Today's SAG Mary D passed us when I was at 57 miles into the ride. Dianne, Marni, Yolande, and Valerie were not far behind me.  We all had a nice break at mile 60, just as planned. We were really hot by then, and the cold V8 juice, pretzels, and watermelon helped a great deal.

 A lot of us missed the mention of a 5-mile "mistake" at the end of the ride, including me. While I was watching for the fork in the road at mile 71 all I saw was this.

Finally I crossed the river into Mississippi, but there was no one around to take my traditional state line bike photo. I arrived at the hotel, checked in and was in my room by 2:30.

It started pouring rain with lightning and thunder about 4:30, so the van headed back out to pick up the rest of the riders.  Fortunately we already had our luggage by then! Since it was still raining at dinnertime (6:30) we were able to eat indoors. Below is a photo of the sister act: Marni and Kirsten. They have 2 other sisters that also tour with them on bikes. How cool is that?

Although I did not get a state line photo, we still carried out the tradition of state line margaritas! Below is Carol, our fearless leader with Mary D.

Here is Yolande and Bernadette from the Netherlands. Yolande was giving Bernadette a taste of her margarita.

This is the group from my table at dinner toasting the end of another fine (HOT) cycling day! Tomorrow is a rest day here in Natchez, Mississippi. I think I will rest.

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