Monday, September 24, 2012

OATBRAN: September 24, 2012. Stateline to Fallon, NV 90 miles.

We had breakfast at 6 AM even though the planned departure time was 8:00. After we loaded our luggage and checked out of the hotel we met for a group photo.

We started our ride on Highway 50, the first 12 miles the route we rode with Damon on Friday. There was some construction along the way, and a tunnel.

We had a long climb, starting at 6,240 feet and reaching the Spooner Summit at 7,140 feet. After that we descended 2,400 feet into Carson City. Carson City's elevation is actually below the lowest depth of Lake Tahoe... It was quite a descent--12 miles at a 6% grade. I managed to keep my speed just below 35 MPH while other cyclists flew past me. About halfway down we encountered a strong crosswind which made it more difficult.

We had a rest stop at Carson City, then continued on our way. There was a circuitous route around Carson City, one of the few times on this ride that we were NOT on Highway 50. When we got back on the "loneliest road" we had a fairly strong headwind, which lasted most of the rest of the day. Lunch was at 60 miles into the ride, but my body screamed out at 50 miles that it wanted to eat! I just put my head down and carried on to the lunch stop, but tomorrow I will have to eat more. Dianne and I agreed that we get very tired of eating all the time on long rides! She had the same issue at about 50 miles.

After lunch we lost our wide shoulder and got rumblestrips.... we had to ride right on the white line. It was open range land, but there was no grass (or any other green thing) and we did not see any cattle.... it's really desolate out here.

There were signs for a boat landing and marina at Lake Lahontan, but it looked like the lake was gone.... we could see a little stagnant water, but look at the flood gates for the reservoir, on the right in the photo above. I guess the midwest is not the only area of the country experiencing severe  drought! At about mile 78 Highway 50 turned right and we finally got some relief from the wind--now it was a quartering tail wind, much easier to take! We hauled bike into Fallon, where I stopped to take a photo of a Corsair plane--like our Corsair trimaran the wings fold for transport.

Dianne and I arrived at our motel just after 4 PM. We decided it was acceptable for two flatlanders like us to ride 90 miles in 8 hours, especially considering that we climbed 2,330 feet while doing it! Our group dinner was prepared by the Churchill County Cycling Club. We walked to the nearby fairgrounds for dinner and were welcomed by this sign. All in all it was a good first day on the 2012 OATBRAN.

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Julebow said...

Say hi to di, sounds like an adventure worthy of two adventurers..di's sister, the photos