Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sailing the North Channel, day 6. August 25, 2010.

I awoke early to the sound of loons. We have not seen them, but their distinctive call lets us know they're there. This was the best morning ever--the water was totally calm, not a ripple. I got out the camera to take a reflective photo and could not stop--the land all around us was reflected perfectly in the calm water.

While we were sitting on the ama drinking our coffee, Bill saw an otter playing along the shore. We watched it for quite some time--what's the hurry after all? We pulled up the anchor around 10 AM and headed back out the Bale Fine channel to the open water of Georgian Bay.

We motored the whole 13 miles, since there was no usable wind. That all changed when we got to open water! All of a sudden it was quite windy! Erika was on the tiller so Bill and I set out to put up the main sail and we had an "oops". I fed the head of the sail into the prefeeder, and Bill started raising the halyard while I cranked and the sail was 2/3 of the way up the mast before we noticed it had slipped out of the prefeeder! It was flapping around, got wrapped around the shroud and it was getting really ugly! So we had Erika head up into the wind, dropped the sail on the deck and started over. Fortunately the sail was OK--no rips. If we rip a sail this trip is over!

Once we got sails in place we made great time across the bay, sailing past the Little Current lighthouse and all the way up to the bridge. There were 2 other sailboats waiting with us for the 2 PM bridge opening and we did not have long to wait! We pumped out the head, got a dock and walked over to get an ice cream cone. What a great day! We plan sailing trips hoping for days like this--you can't predict the wind!

After showers we walked to town and ate at this little food stand--what's with all the portable restaurants?Maybe because the season is so short?  Anyway the whitefish wraps were great. Tomorrow we plan to stock up at the grocery store and then sail out Monday to anchor out at another spot. We are all enjoying the leisure of staying 2 nights in each place.

This is a really nice little town--Toby and Erika walked to the beach while I did the laundry.

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