Sunday, February 24, 2013

Palm Harbor, FL. February 19-20, 2013

My plane arrived right on time and Dianne was there to pick me up... we drove to her house and there was a bottle of white wine, 5 pounds of strawberries and a can of nuts on the table with this note! What a nice welcome! We had a light dinner and then played a few games of Scrabble while munching on the strawberries and nuts. Very nice!

Next morning after breakfast I took off for a run. I am in training for the Outrun CF Half Marathon March 24, and need to run a minimum of 3 times a week. Sure hope this does not interfere with our biking!  Dianne had a tennis tournament, so after my 4.5 mile run I put my bike together. When she was done playing tennins we rode the bikes over to Dunedin for lunch--of course I had my favorite Florida lunch--grilled grouper sandwich!

My bike computer (for mileage and speed) was hanging on by one minscule piece of plastic, so we stopped by Chainwheel Drive, Dianne's favorite bikeshop, and they gave me a couple of zip ties.

The fix did not work, so we went back to the bike shop to get a new bike computer... the model that I wanted (simple to operate) was only available in turquoise, white, or black/red, none of which I wanted to put on my blue and silver bike! So they are getting one from their other store tomorrow. We finished the day with dinner, wine, and Scrabble.

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