Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Palm Harbor, FL. February 24, 2013

We were supposed to ride with my friend Tom (form Michigan) this morning, but it was raining where he was (Crystal River, an hour north of us) so he opted out. We looked at the weather map and the sky and got on our bikes anyway... we headed north and were into a light rain after about 2 miles. We turned around and oddly enough there was no rain when we got back to Dianne's neighborhood, so we cycled south instead. We rode through quiet neighborhoods, ending up at Chautauqua Lake, where some nice folks took our photo.

On the way back to Palm Harbor we stopped for a photo at this sign--we did NOT go swimming!

We discussed extending our ride, but headed home instead, and were very glad of that--it started raining as soon as we got home.

Dianne does not cook. She lives on rotisserie chicken, steamed broccoli and salad. I can only do that for so many days and then I decide to cook.Today was that day! For lunch I made omelets with a filling of (surprise!) rotisserie chicken and broccoli. Time to go to the grocery store!

When I put water in the microwave for tea, it came out with some floaters in it.... I found that very strange. The same thing happened a couple of days ago and I just assumed that the cup had not been washed very well. This time I looked inside the microwave. AAAUUUGGGH! Look what I found!

I told Dianne she needed a new microwave, that hers was dangerously worn out. The top and sides were so corroded that bits of the ceiling were falling into the food! She said, "gee, maybe that's why it's been shooting out sparks and smoke"! 

On the way to the store to get a microwave and crock pot she told me about her niece's visit a month ago.... the niece had a headache one day and asked for some ibuprofen. Dianne said "oh I have that" and gave her a bottle. The pills inside were black and fuzzy... when they looked at the expiration date it said "best if used by March 1993". The next day she asked Dianne for a cookie for her little boy, and Dianne said "there are animal crackers in the pantry". These were much fresher than the ibuprofen, only 10 years out of date! (no, she did NOT give him a cookie).

So yes, I will do the cooking. And I will religiously check the date before I use anything from the pantry!

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