Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15, 2013. Hohenwald, TN to Tuscumbia, AL. 44 miles.

We thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast at the Fall Hollow B&B, and got right back on the parkway across the road from the inn. About 8 miles into the ride we stopped at the memorial for Meriwether Lewis, the famous explorer, who died at this location. I was riding with Diana this morning and we were making pretty good time...

We stopped along the way to read historical markers, and particularly liked this sign. The wind came up at about 10 AM and continued throughout the rest of the ride. We stopped at Collinwood, TN at the Wayne County Visitors Center. We bought patches stating "I bicycled the Natchez Trace Parkway" and listened to a tune on a dulcimer.

Bill was right where he needed to be with drinks and snacks about a third and 2/3 into the ride.  We  stopped riding at milepost 350 today, and loaded the bikes into the trailer. We drove back to Collinwood for lunch at a small cafe, and Diana and Fred went to the local hardware store, where she bought a great hat!

We drove to our lodging, showered, and then most of us got into the trucks to go to the Coon Dog Cemetery. This was on Barbara's list of things to do.  People come here from all over the country to bury their coon dogs here.  They must be verified and witnessed as true coon dogs to get permission to be interred among the likes of Troop and Felix!

We were impressed with the amount of flowers and flags here! These people take their coon dogs seriously! 

We took a photo on the way out--here is our official anniversary photo! How many people do you know that got to spend their anniversary at the Coon Dog Cemetery!?

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