Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 19, 2013. French Camp to Ridgeland, 79 miles.

We got an early start since we had so far to go and it was going to be very hot and humid... By 7:30 we were all on the road. I left by myself, unfortunately, and did not catch up to a group until halfway through the ride. It was very windy, mostly right on the nose, but it slued around right and left... or perhaps the road meandered that way, but the gusts came from every way but behind us!

I found Diana, Bill, Dianne, Ed, and Otis sitting on the wall at about 38 miles into the ride. We all had a break and I left with them. They were riding a pace line, the best way to handle a headwind. I joined them in the line and it was wonderful after riding 38 miles against the wind by myself! We each took a 2-mile turn at the head of the pack and then moved to the back. Very nice.

We stopped at various points of interest along the trace, but did not stay too long at any of them.

Bill took a photo of our pace line; by then there were 7 of us! Fred and Tom had turned around to get Fred's truck. That's the problem with traveling with 9 cyclists and one full time driver--we need to move the second truck forward every day. It hurts us all (especially Fred) not having a second driver.

At mile 60 Bill was waiting at a park with our lunch. There really are no other lunch options on this trip, especially on a Sunday. Here in the Bible Belt everything is closed on Sundays.

We were all finished the ride and the bikes were loaded by 2:45, quite remarkable for a 79 mile day in a headwind! It was 88 degrees when we drove into Ridgeland and checked into our hotel. What a letdown after all those wonderful B&Bs! We are at Econolodge. Talk about culture shock!

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