Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 8, 2013. Brainard to Ashland, NE. The end.

This morning I rode in the car with Marlene and Denise followed us. We went first to the Strategic Air and Space Museum where BRAN ends, but it was not yet open. So we went back to Ashland to a little cafe where we had coffee and cinnamon rolls.

Above are Marlene and Denise--we had a pleasant morning...The first rider to arrive was Randy. He arrived shortly before the rains came... driving rain, wind, thunder and lightning. Oh my.

Most of the riders got caught in the storm, many were pulled off the route in the worst of it, but all arrived safely. Below is Bill and his trusty truck that hauled me all over the county yesterday.

Dianne finally arrived--sopping wet and smiling! On her head is the pinwheel I gave her as her "windy day" award.

This is a different sort of photo from most of our "end of ride" shots, but you do what you gotta do...Bob came with his pickup truck and brought us, our bikes and our soaking wet bags to our hotel near Omaha airport.We both fly out tomorrow; another adventure is at an end.

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