Thursday, June 27, 2013

One small step forward

The hand doc sawed off the hard cast, removed the stitches, and splinted  my hand. It is more comfortable than the plaster cast, but it's not over yet. In one week I can start removing the soft cast once each day to try to move the hand. Then beginning July 8 I have therapy 3 times a week. I will likely not be back on the bike for another month. I was a bit taken aback by the condition of my pinkie.... it looks rather dead, still swollen, very sore and stiff (couldn't tell when it was in the cast). Doc says it needs to rebuild the cartilege that was ripped apart. He also mentioned the break--we had not talked about that before, but the one of the bones was broken too. Blah.

After the hand doc, I met a friend for lunch and then drove out to pick up my bike. It came out of the accident better than I did! Minor damage, mostly cosmetic. I bought a new helmet, which cost more than the bike repairs!

Then I went to the book store and finally bought a new Scrabble dictionary! See it below, right next to the old one (in several pieces). I guess it was time... I played against my cousin yesterday--that's one thing I can do one-handed without any difficulty!

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The Michigonians said...

Well, what a bummer that you are not able to ride in the lower MI ride. But better safe than have more damage done. BTW - you look great in your orange camo at the wedding. Liked seeing your smiling face...cast and all. Thanks for the update. Hugs