Monday, September 2, 2013

September 1, 2013. Bullfrog Marina to Hanksville, Utah. 67 miles.

This is the trailer we shared with Jerry and Lori (from Colorado) last night. It was quite comfortable! We cycled down to the campground for breakfast, then rode 3 miles to the ferry dock to cross Lake Powell.When we found out that each cyclist would have to pay $10 we started putting our bikes on the vehicles that were crossing with us.

We were surprised that all of our support vehicles fit on the ferry! While crossing we fooled around taking each others' photos.

Lori from MD above, and me below, enjoying the breeze.

Janet and Vance from NC above and Mike from NY below.

We left Hall's Crossing at 9 AM and arrived at Bullfrog Marina at 9:30. But then it took until 10:00 to find my bike! It was on the back of someone's truck at the other marina! All was well in the end, although it took Anna longer to find her front wheel than it took me to find my bike!

We were on the road soon after that. I had not felt well from the time I got up, still suffering from altitude sickness. I was OK starting the ride, but once we started climbing I had breathing and heart rate issues again, like yesterday. I managed the first climb; but we started climbing again at the 14 mile point, and after 5 miles and 1000 feet elevation change I was pouring sweat and did not feel steady enough to ride. I was near the top of the climb, so began to walk, but soon I could barely walk... sag time once again. They could not park where I was, so Dixie got out and rode my bike to the top of the climb! I only made it 22 miles today.

Dianne and I got into the van and went forward to the second rest stop. After that she got back on her bike and I stayed in the van. I had a near-death experience when the van pulled out in front of a speeding truck pulling a boat, but the evasive actions of the truck driver were successful, and he did not even roll down the cliff!

We had been on the way to lunch when the near-crash occurred, so we continued to the lunch stop, and then I did not just get out of that van, I jumped out with all my gear and did not look back! A lot of riders found the gravel pile a comfortable spot for eating... I heard that Bruce, the tour nurse, needed someone to move his truck forward to the end of the ride so I stepped up. I shuttled Doris and Lori from MD up the next hill and waited with them until Jerry and Sarah reached us.

I took a photo of Bruce when he pedaled past. He looks pretty happy to be on his bike! I drove his truck to the hotel, showered and then delivered it to the campground where he will be staying tonight.

When I got to the campground I found a cell phone on the back bumper! I thought it must belong to Lori or Doris, so left it in the locked truck with a note. I was amazed that the phone was still on the bumper after 26 miles on the highway and going in and out of motel and campground!

John came with the 15 passenger van to take us to Goblin Valley State Park at around 6 PM. We had heard about it, and were anxious to see the unique rock formations there. I collected $3 from each of us to pay the entry fees, but when we were almost to the park (a 34 mile ride) John noticed that he was nearly out of gas! So he did a U-turn and headed back toward Hanksville. I gave everyone their money back... He saw a pickup truck on the side of the road, pulled in next to it and asked the driver if he had any gas he would sell. Of course he did! This is very rural Utah.

After fueling up, half of the people in the van wanted to give up on Goblin Valley. No one had eaten dinner yet, and some were still in their bike clothes. But Les came by and convinced John that we all needed to see the goblins. So we did another U-turn and headed to Goblin Valley. Les went ahead to see if we could get a group rate, while I collected $3 from each of us again.

Finally we arrived at Goblin Valley! We could get a group rate, but to get that rate ($8 per vehicle) some of our passengers had to get into Les's car. We found the goblins delightful! There were kids climbing all over them, and we were there until almost dark walking among them, photographing them, and generally enjoying the spectacle.

 Here I am between Deborah and Sherri, surrounded by goblins.

A lot of folks got into the picture after that! John stood below us and took photos with everyone's cameras.

We did not leave the park until about 8:30. By then Janet was weak from hunger so I gave her some shot blocks out of my pocket... We really needed to eat! We arrived at the campground at 9 PM and supper was hot and ready. These caterers are really good!

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