Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5, 2013. Rest day at Bryce Canyon

This was a non-cycling day; not exactly a rest day. Breakfast was at the campground at 7:30 AM. Most of the group took the park shuttle from our resort to Bryce Canyon National Park. Dianne and I went to the Visitor Center, and then got back on the shuttle to Bryce Point. Note the elevation.

We hiked the Rim Trail from Bryce Point to Sunrise Point, about 2.5 miles. The views of the canyon were breathtaking! Each curve brought different hoodoos and grottoes into sight. The trail runs right along the rim of the canyon and Dianne kept chiding me to stay away from the edge.

The first section of the hike was from Bryce Point to Inspiration Point. It was a hard packed dirt trail with some rocky sections; there was a moderate amount of climbing involved. It was so beautiful that we decided to continue on to Sunset Point.

We stopped at Sunset Point and ate the lunch the caterers had packed for us. We saw Dan, Anna, Vance, Janet, Doris and Sarah there. As we continued along the trail we saw Lori, Robert, Radha and Gerard. They had hiked to the bottom of the canyon and said it was spectacular. We could see the trail they hiked far below us, but I did not want to make the same mistake I made at the Grand Canyon 5 years ago... (On a rest day from a long bike ride I hiked the Grand Canyon 1000 feet down and back up--the next day back on the bike was brutal; I should have rested more.)

We took the park shuttle back to our lodge, showered, did laundry and played Scrabble. First game, first word: IDIOTIC a bingo worth 76 points! We played until time for dinner.

After dinner Les told us about tomorrow's ride in a long rambling narrative including the turns we were not taking and the places we were not staying (and the reasons why). He said there might be a rest stop at the Chevron station where there is an orange tractor out front just like the one that pulled the combine that cut off Orrin's twin  brother's leg in a farm accident 48 years ago....  Fortunately Gary printed up the route and it is very simple.

Here are Les, Radha and Deborah who went to Mission San Jose High School (Fremont, CA) together. I did not ask them what year they graduated. I am impressed that they stay in touch this way. Deborah and Radha helped distribute the LAGBRAU shirts after the ride meeting. This beautiful ride is almost over.

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