Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8,2014. At Webster, NY.

Dianne and I went down to breakfast and met some others who are here for the tour around Lake Ontario.  Below are Peggy from FL, who is our sous chef, Ann from FL, and Caryn from CA. Ann and Caryn are both acting as SAG drivers during this tour. After breakfast we played some Scrabble, the first games of this tour.

Woman Tours calls this "day 1" of the tour, but it is not a riding day. Those who rented bikes had their fitting this morning, and people were still arriving throughout the day. Dianne and I set out to find a scrapbook store.  When I looked it up on line I found two independent shops in the greater Rochester area; we went to find the one that was easiest to get to and I only took one wrong turn!

We drove to the lovely little village of Victor, found the scrapbook store, and the proprietor told us the independent dealer in Rochester had gone out of business. We walked around town a while, had lunch at Bistro 11, and it was delicious!

We returned to the hotel in time for the 2 PM meeting where we all introduced ourselves. During the meeting we could see out the window that it was clouding up and those who left their bikes outside ran to get them in before the torrential rains hit. I commented that in my very limited riding in upstate New York it rained just about every afternoon around 4 PM. My comment was met with some scoffing.... we'll see.  Dianne and Pat (from NC) both wanted to go to buy bike gear at local shops so I drove them there. That was a very good thing, since it poured rain while we were out.

We had dinner at a local restaurant this evening. The way Woman Tours work is that the chef cooks dinner on riding days and we are on our own for meals on rest days. The chef prepared the meal the first night on other WTs I have been on, but it's not a riding day so anything goes.  After we got back from dinner I parked the car in the outer reaches of the parking lot, put its sunshade on, and locked it up. I expect it will be here when I return in about 12 days.


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