Monday, August 11, 2014

Dianne is famous!

While we were on the ride around Lakes Ontario and Erie, the Tampa Bay Times printed a story about Dianne riding all 50 states. Now the story has been picked up by Adventure Cycling! Here is the AC article and a link to the original one in the Tampa paper.

Seventy-one-year-old Dianne Franz of Palm Harbor, Florida, recently fulfilled her longtime goal of bicycling in all 50 states. In June, the retired middle-school teacher finally pedaled in Kansas, the final state in her quest. And it wasn't just a ceremonial spin through the wheat field: Dianne rode the 555-mile Biking Across Kansas, traveling from the southwest corner of the state to the northeast
corner. A lot of her other two-wheeled excursions have been on similar cross-state event rides. Dianne told Patti Ewald, a staff writer for the Tampa Bay Times, that she went on her first organized tour, Bike Florida, in the early 1990s while still teaching, and that these are some of what she enjoys
about it all: "When you go into the heart of the country, when 800 bikers pull into a town of 450, you're treated like royalty. Farm towns. The heartland. We are greeted with welcome signs. Women make homemade stuff for us. Girl Scouts come to sell us things they've made."

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