Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 7, 2014. Pointe-de-la-Croix to Carleton-sur-Mer. 41 Miles.

Josee prepared crepes and fruit for breakfast and Andre served them, keeping us supplied with juice, coffee and toast. Our table had the "Uri Geller" spoon. If you're too young to understand why I called it that, look it up!

After breakfast Andre came outside to see how our trailer was equipped to handle 9 bikes. Here he is with Tom.

Diana went out on her bike to look at the bike route that Andre recommended to us, and that's when Bill took our leaving photo. Josee came out on the front porch to say goodbye and we were off.

Yesterday as we approached Pointe-a-la-Croix the Matapedia River widened out as it neared the Baie de Chaleurs. Today we continued our ride along the baie. The New Brunswick shore, just across the river yesterday, is getting farther and farther away.

We stopped to look at an osprey nest with an adult and a chick in it--very unusual this far north this late in the year.

I rode into the Miguasha National Park with Diana, Barbara and Stan. We walked around the outdoors park, looking at the rocky cliffs where the famous fish fossils were first discovered in 1937. We walked down to the beach to see the cliffs up close and then I left on my bike.

The park was on the route verte, and I came to a point where the route verte went straight and a sign pointed to the town of Nouvelle, our planned lunch stop. I followed the sign to Nouvelle, finding some pretty impressive hills. The photo below looks back from the summit of the 12% grade I climbed.

The photo below shows the road ahead of me once I crested the hill! There were several more hills, then I turned left and found Fred, Tom, and Dianne. I suggested they go ahead of me on the 14% downgrade. I'm not real fast on the downhill.

We missed the lunch stop, but Doris found us as we were nearing Carleton-sur-Mer. Soon Bill showed up with the lunch fixings and we had a nice long break. By then we were only about 5 miles from our destination. We got our rooms at La Manoir Belle Plage, right on the beach (plage). Fred and Doris went out for a drive, dropping Dianne and me at the Laundromat.

We all had dinner together in the hotel restaurant. The food was really good--I find that strange since I remember not liking anything on the menu when I traveled in Ontario 20 years ago. what changed, me or the food? I liked the food in Ontario earlier this summer, and the food in Quebec has been wonderful!

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