Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Autumn Cyling in Michigan

It's been a very nice autumn for cycling--crisp and chilly in the mornings, sunny in the afternoons. One such day was last Monday, September 29. It was the day after the big kayak trip, and I really wanted to take a day off, but Otis had posted the ride to the Downriver Cycling Club, so we had to go.  We started out at a parking lot in Dearborn and rode Hines Drive up to Northville, 22 hilly miles.

About halfway there I stopped to take a photo of the autumn trees reflecting on the calm waters of Newburgh lake. I texted my cousin Kat, who lives in Northville, and invited her to meet us for breakfast at Rebecca's restaurant. She met us there, and then Tom and Pat came walking down the sidewalk from the right, and Diana from the left! They had not been able to ride this morning, but surprised us all by showing up!

Here we all are: left to right seated are Diana, pat, Tom and Otis. Left to right standing are Kat, me and Gary. After a long breakfast and lots of coffee, we parted ways and Otis, Gary and I rode back to our cars. What a great day! We knew this perfect weather could not last, but we were able to get in a few more lovely autumn rides before the cooler weather and rain arrived the second week in October.

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