Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 28, 2015. In Rainy Florida.

We had our day pretty well planned--biking in the morning, then Dianne had an appointment in St. Pete, then dinner with Bill's cousin who lives nearby. Alas the best laid plans...

It was lightly raining by 7:30 so we drove to Dunedin to meet Otis for breakfast. He is just back from sailing in St. Maartin, and had called me to see if we could meet this morning. We met at the boxcar (on the Pinellas Trail at downtown Dunedin).

We all walked to a restaurant that Dianne and Otis both recommended. Can you tell who lives in Florida and who is from the frozen north?

We had a great breakfast at Kelly's, way too much coffee, and listened to Otis's stories... then we discussed the bike trip in Iowa that we are planning--Otis is making the arrangements this time. After hearing the crazy stories about his return from St. Maartin and trying to get a room near the airport, subsequently sleeping in the van, Dianne said she was glad she was not going to Iowa with us! I'm sure everything will work out fine...
We said goodbye to Otis at the Dunedin station, and walked through the farm market on the way back to the car. By then it was raining in earnest and we got soaked. After showers and a few games of Scrabble Dianne left for her appointment and I got ready for our guests.
I made spaghetti and meatballs, Dianne made salad, and Richard and Rachel brought dessert. It was great seeing them--the last time I saw them was 5 years ago when Ethan had just turned 3. Now he's an athletic 8 year old and has a 3 year old brother! We all enjoyed the dinner and visiting afterwards; Dianne and Ethan played catch with a tennis ball IN THE LIVING ROOM (never get away with that at my house!). Below are Dianne, Ethan, Richard, Reichen, and Rachel.
Before they left I invited them all to come to our house and see the Christmas village this year (I showed them on the blog, but it's much better in real life). We hope to see them again soon.

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