Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 4, 2015. In Sunny Florida.

Dianne plays tennis on Wednesdays, and I don't. So I went to the pool and swam.  When I arrived at 8 AM there was one other swimmer in the pool. The air temperature was 66 and the water temperature was 80!

By the time I got out of the pool an hour later there were four other lap swimmers--the largest crowd I have ever seen here in the morning (although it gets very busy in the afternoons).  I walked to the tennis courts and waited until Dianne was done. I did not ask if she won or lost; I think it does not matter much.

We got coffee on the way home, then Dianne left for an appointment. I stayed home and read my book in the shade on the porch. when she returned we ate lunch, played Scrabble, and did not do much more the rest of the day.

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