Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April musings

I was off the bike with a sore knee for the last 2 weeks so worked on some projects. Below is the cradle I made for Bill's RC airplane. He made the frame and asked me to make something to hold the plane up--of course I had to match the colors of the plane.

The project that took the most time and made the most mess is the backdrop for the Christmas village. It is almost 7 feet top to bottom and 15 feet wide, to cover the wall behind the main part of the village. I tried to make the mountains look like the Styrofoam ones we have in the village.... I think it will do. We hauled it outside so I could spray it with a fixative before we roll it up and store it until November.

Finally today I got back on the bike. I did an easy 21 miles to make sure my knee was OK, and my knee is OK! No pain, no swelling, no heat. Now I can ride with my friends again--I wanted to go out on my own the first time in case I wimped out.

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