Friday, May 1, 2015

May 1, 2015. Washington, DC

Wednesday (grandma day) we made a fairy garden! The little kids each got to paint a house and we placed them in the garden with a bridge and some other little things that fairies might need.

Bill's brother Mike and his wife Sandy arrived in time for dinner and Adam and Delia's soccer games. Thursday the four of us drove to Mike and Sandy's son Chris's place in Maryland. We all stayed there for the night, then drove into DC this morning.

Mike and Sandy had family stuff to do (we are here for their son Kiel's wedding tomorrow).  So Bill and I ate lunch at the hotel and set off on foot for the National Mall.  We stopped to look through the fence at the White House. Things sure have changed since the first time I was here in 1970!

We walked past the Treasury Building, and headed toward the Washington Monument. After that we looked at the Jefferson Memorial and then walked toward the reflecting pool.

We could see the Korean War Memorial, and walked over to get a closer look. Unlike the other monuments, this was not here the last time I visited this area. The soldiers slogging through the rice paddies really make an impact. There is a wall behind the sculptures, and a fountain and plaque, but it is the lifesize soldiers that really make one stop and think.


We did not enter the Lincoln Memorial, since a large tour bus had just unloaded and we did not want to get behind 90 people to get inside the monument. We looked from the sidewalk and headed toward the Vietnam Veterans' Wall.

After perusing the wall we walked back to the hotel. We took a break, then walked out to meet a friend at Capitol City Brewery, where we had a very nice dinner. Now we are back at the hotel, and I can't walk another step... I did not bring real shoes, so did all that walking today in sandals. Not such a great idea... you'd think I would have learned that lesson by now.

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