Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015. Dowagiac to Three Rivers, MI. 51 Miles.

We tried to get an early start today, since we expected stormy weather in the late afternoon. We left around 8 AM, no flat tires this time. Bill drove the first half again today.

There was a light mist when the rest of us left--here we are: Malorie, me, Toby, Tom, Dianne and Martha.

The mist cleared up by about 10 miles into the ride. Toby and I rode with Martha and Tom so Martha would not be out there all alone when Tom got in the truck at the halfway point. Of course you're never really alone with over 700 cyclists on the road!

We stopped for a snack at the truck, and I saw a cow running parallel to the road--I thought sure I was in its path until I saw the fence. They were rather friendly for cows.

Toby, Martha and I stopped for a photo at a concrete bridge in Mottville. We did not miss a rest stop and never saw Dianne or Malorie the rest of the day. We had a lot of hills again today; Martha is starting to enjoy them! I told her today that she is doing admirably for a first year rider, and she acted surprised.

The fruit stop was at Mottville Canoe livery.

We saw a cool bottle sculpture near the Meek's Mill café where we stopped for lunch.

Bill and Tom had already moved all of our baggage to the tenting area and set up our tent and Tom's by the time Toby. Martha and I arrived at the school. They put everyone's gear in our tent because the storm was imminent; it blew in right after I showered. All the gear was safe and dry in our tent, and Martha and Toby had set their tents up, but we were worried about Dianne and Malorie getting caught in the storm.

They arrived safe and sound (and dry) around 4:30. They had been eating lunch in a restaurant when the storm came, and, although severe, it did not last very long.

Dinner was early today, 5 to 7 PM. We were near the beginning of the line (for a change). We watched the kids play with the parachute--three former teachers have multiple kids activities every day. This really is a family ride.

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