Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ready for Another Adventure

This morning I rode with Martha, Toby and Tom, who are going on the Pedal Across Lower Michigan (PALM) Tour with us, and Dennis, who is not. We met at the Flat Rock Fishing Dam and rode through 3 Metro Parks and up to Belleville for strawberry pancakes... of course we did not ALL have pancakes, but they are worth the trip!

On the way back through Willow Metro Park we saw some other Downriver Cycling Club members and I asked Linda to take our photo. Here we are: Toby, Martha, me, Tom and Dennis.

We rushed home after the ride because our truck was in the shop and I had to take Bill to pick it up before going to the airport to get Dianne and Malorie.  Malorie is Dianne's niece and Martha is my niece--we signed up for this ride because our nieces expressed an interest in doing it.  We are always thrilled to introduce the people we love to the sport that we love!

We came home and took a very short break and then Dianne put her bike together and we put Malorie on my old faithful Trek roadbike. She had not been on a bike with dropped handlebars and skinny tires before, so I had her ride up and down our long driveway several times before we went out on the road. We have just 2 days to get her up to speed on this bike!

As soon as the bikes were ready we rode over to Delia's T-ball game, which was cancelled at the very moment it was due to start because of thunder. The kids climbed a nearby rock (if you have to ask why, you don't have grandchildren!) and then we got back on the bikes and tried to get home before the rain came.

Before we were done our dinner Alison called and said Delia was very disappointed that she did not get to see Dianne for more than a minute, and asked if we could come back over. We got in the car this time, dropped Toby at his house to do his chores and went to visit the little kids before they leave for their trip and we leave for ours.

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