Saturday, June 6, 2015

Springtime in Michigan.

I called my cousin Janet to see if I could bring the grandchildren to her llama farm, but she was busy the day I wanted to come; she said "come tomorrow!" So I made the trip with Delia and Zane. We arrived around 9 AM and toured the pens with llamas about to give birth. Janet was quite sure they would have their babies within a day or 2.

We went to the barn and saw some of this year's babies. Then Janet separated the moms and babies so the kids could pet the babies and feed the moms some grain. Zane went a little crazy every time the llama's lips touched his hand.

After that we walked to the pond to catch frogs. We have traditions, after all!

The kids had to "drive" the tractor, then we went in for lunch.

On Monday Sydney came to spend the day, and she felt badly about missing the day at the llama farm. So I called Janet and we went to the llama farm! We did much of the same things we did last week--same show different cast of characters!

Sydney pet the baby llamas and fed the mama llamas.

She did not manage to catch a frog, but I caught one for her. It's not easy being grandma!

The best part about it is that we get to go back next month with all 5 grandchildren!

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