Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 11, 2015. In Anchorage.

This was our last morning at Planet Anchorage. We had an early breakfast, as usual, did a load of laundry and packed our stuff. Amazingly enough we got it all to fit in our suitcases! We played Scrabble until it was time to go to the Saturday open air market.

We bought stuff at the market, not such a good idea when our suitcases are already full!

We ate lunch at the White Spot Cafe. We were not impressed. Sometimes you get a real good meal at little hole-in-the-wall type places and sometimes you don't. Oh well. After lunch we stopped back at the B & B to get my cheesecake, then stopped at a Post Office to mail home some stuff. We each had a box filled by the time we were done. By then I was getting worried about getting the car back in time. We drove over by the airport to find our hotel, passed it and had to turn around twice. I left Dianne there with all our luggage and headed to the airport knowing I was almost out of time.

I passed the car return the first time through, had to go around again, and finally turned in the car I've been driving for 5 days. I had only 2 minutes to spare! Yikes!

We settled into the room and played some Scrabble and then walked to a nearby hotel for supper, since this one does not have a real restaurant.

We ate at the Flying Machine, where we sat outside and watched float planes take off and land from Lake Hood. A man entertained us with song and guitar--what a nice touch! After we were finished our salmon and wine Dianne put a tip in his jar and we went on our way.

We walked around the lakeshore looking at the float planes--parked in their slots much like we park our boats at home. The prices they had posted for flight seeing were quite reasonable, especially when compared to prices for the same flights posted in the windows in downtown Anchorage! Too bad we did not know about this a couple of days ago, not that we could have fit in one more activity!

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