Monday, August 3, 2015

July 27, 2015. Garber to Osterdock, IA. 8 Miles.

This morning we walked up the hill to St. John's church for breakfast.

We loaded our stuff on the trucks and walked down to the river to launch boats. It's a very narrow ramp--this is going to take a while!

Gary, from yesterday's stop on the river gave us another short pep talk.

Mary Jo led us in some stretches before launching--it felt especially good after paddling 19 miles yesterday!

Finally we were on the Turkey river! Blue sky and light breezes--what could be better than that?

We stopped at a sandy beach for lunch.

Julie saw a dragon's head on the beach. She said she wished she had a shovel so she could dig it out and bring it home! Not sure what Gary (the conservationist) would say about that!

The Turkey River still had a pretty swift current, but there were some tricky spots--shallow water and obstructions from trees that got stuck in the flood.

We arrived at Osterdock (population 52 and one on the way), and had to walk in the last 40 or 50 feet--it was too shallow for even the flattest boats. Osterdock Store is the only business here, and they provided dinner (tacos). They are usually not open on Mondays. but opened specifically for the Rumble.

There was a transit bus that took us to a nearby campground for showers. After dinner some people cooled off in the river. I worked on our hats for tomorrow, and Julie took a nap.

There was a really good band in the bar at Osterdock Store; they call themselves "Triple Threat". We camped in a field that was mowed by rumblers, loaded our boats on a ramp built by rumblers... hosting 180 overnight guests in a town of 52 is not small feat!

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