Monday, February 15, 2016

Florida. February 15, 2016.

Dianne left at 7:45 this morning to play tennis. I was still reading the paper when she returned at 8:15. No one else showed up because at 55 degrees it was too cold!  We went for a walk then, covering about 4 miles on her usual route. 

A wood stork watched over us from a lamppost. There were a few others on the ground.

We returned home, changed clothes, and then I went to the pool while she went to the gym. It was 56 degrees when I got there and the pool was empty.  By the time I finished 2,000 yards there was a man and woman in the hot tub. She is from Long Island and enjoying the weather on her vacation here, like I am. He is a Canadian snowbird and a sailor, so I picked his brain about sailing in Lake Ontario.  When we all got out of the hot tub I asked her to take my photo in the pool to show how truly empty it was.

Dianne picked me up when she was done at the gym. After lunch we ran several errands. She has a new car, so she parks very far out in the parking lot--we probably walked another 4 miles getting from car to businesses and back! When I first arrived here and started walking it aggravated the bursitis in my right hip, but now it's OK. I am really enjoying spending so much time outdoors when my home is still in the deep freeze.

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