Friday, February 26, 2016

Florida. February 26, 2016.

Dianne went to play tennis and Kathie and I went for a bike ride this morning. It was 54 degrees and windy when we left--she had on every bit of warm bike clothing she brought from Rhode Island, and one layer that was not bike clothes... this is not the weather she expected when she came here.

We rode sidewalk and street to get to the Pinellas Trail. We decided to go south on the trail even though that would put the wind at our backs going out and head on coming back. We just did not want to do a repeat of yesterday's ride and we wanted to be on the trail and off of the busy roads.

We had a fake hill about 8 miles into our ride--the trail bridge goes over the road you see above, then turns 90 degrees and goes over highway 19, then goes back down to street level. We stopped in Dunedin and had to ask several people where to find the police station. I found a bracelet on the ground when we dropped off the recyclables yesterday and I wanted to turn it in. That done we got back on the trail and headed south to Clearwater.

We stopped at Nauti-Nancy's but it was not open yet. This little restaurant fronts on the Pinellas Trail and we have heard that the food is excellent. Unfortunately we didn't get to try it. They did sell us a cup of coffee (me) and a diet coke (Kathie), and we sat on the porch and drank them and had a snack from the bike bag. While there a man on a bike came by and told me he eats there every Friday and that the shrimp and grits are the best in the area.

We headed north into the wind then, planning to get home by noon. We arrived at Dianne's house at 11:58, with 30 miles behind us. We showered and had lunch and Dianne and I were back out the door to get to Scrabble Club at 1 PM. After Scrabble I went to the empty swimming pool and swam 2,000 yards. What a great day!

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