Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 20, 2016. PALM. Whitehall to White Cloud, MI. 46 miles.

We packed up our camp, had breakfast, and were on the road by 8 AM. Today's ride passed though country roads with not much traffic, much like yesterday. There were a lot of hills--more uphill than down, as we ride inland toward the middle of the state.

There were a couple of horse farms, more orchards and farm fields along the route.

We stopped at the fruit stop for watermelon, a daily occurrence on this ride.

Toby and I stopped to take a photo by an old tractor--something we have done on every organized bike ride we have ever done together.

One of the SAG stops had bike fairies today. This ride has water stops every 8 to 10 miles, multiple SAG vehicles patrolling the route, bike education meetings, and anything else a cyclist might need.

I made a brief stop at Jugville just to take a photo of the sign--are these maple syrup jugs or moonshine jugs??? May have to google it to find out.

The last stop every day is the Licorice Lady. I had heard she retired this year, but there she was with her radiant smile 5 miles from the end of the ride, just like every other time I've done this ride.

It was very windy today, but we forgot all about it after the licorice stop--we had a tailwind on a downhill grade right into town! It was extremely hot and we set up our canopy for shade; unfortunately the wind destroyed it and we had to take it down.

There is not much to do in White Cloud so there was a "Cool Bus" to take us to Newaygo. Our little group did not take advantage of this service--Dianne and I relocated to the indoors to play scrabble, Toby found a cool indoor corner to read, and I'm not sure what everyone else did.


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