Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 20, 2016. Nags Head to Hatteras Village, NC. 58 miles.

We packed everything in the trailer this morning and rode our bikes to the breakfast spot, again chosen by Kathie. There was a headwind, as expected, but it was only 4 MPH at 8 AM.

We wore our DCC jerseys this morning. Left to right: Fred, Dennis, Tom, Diana, Kathie and me. We encountered a large construction project on the way to breakfast--fortunately for us there was an adjacent bike path and we made it through handily.

Sam & Omie's served up a very good breakfast in a very short time! It's been here since 1937, and when we saw the full parking lot we knew we'd made a good choice.

On the way to breakfast Tom had a shoe malfunction--he lost a bolt from his cleat. Fortunately I use the same pedal system and I brought 2 pairs of bike shoes. So we took a bolt from the shoes I was not wearing and we were all back on the road.

Within about a mile of breakfast we entered the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

We biked the extra mile to see the Bodie Island lighthouse. It was closed for the season for climbing the stairs, but we were able to walk around it and go into the gift shop.

We all rode our bikes on the boardwalk, since there were no signs forbidding it. While we were at the site Bill called and told us we would not be able to ride the bridge to Pea Island or the north end of Pea Island, and that he and Doris would be waiting for us right before the bridge.

They were waiting for us in a parking lot and we loaded the bikes and got in the truck and car.

The bridge was indeed impossible to ride--there was major construction with flaggers and one lane open with no shoulder. When we got to Pea Island they were still removing sand from the road, so we rode a few more miles in the truck before getting back on the bikes.

After we got back on the bikes we hammered down--we were going over 20 MPH, 5 of us in formation. Then Fred decided to go back and find Kathie so she would not be riding alone.  Tom, Dennis, Diana and I went to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

There was a sign outside stating that we could climb the lighthouse for $4 each. I told the rest of the group that I was going to climb it! But when I got inside the workers told me that the lighthouse was closed for the season. Darn!

After the lighthouse we rode through the small town of Frisco. Throughout the town there were piles of debris left over from hurricane Matthew. There were also several places with water over the road. We are glad every day that we did not plan this trip for a week earlier!

We saw this flying saucer house in Frisco too. It was quite surprising among all the 3 and 4-story mansions along the coast! The 4 of us arrived at the hotel behind Fred and Kathie--they did not stop at the lighthouse. Diana, Tom, Dennis and I all swam for a while, then we all went out to dinner.

Tom and Dennis invited us all to their room for a soiree, but we all showed up at different times--oh well, it was great fun anyway. This is Dennis's first trip with us, and the first time Kathie has met the rest of the group--she rode with Dianne, Bill and me at Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard in 2011. Everyone gets along wonderfully!

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