Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 26, 2016. Pawley's Island to Charleston, SC.

I was up early enough to catch another beautiful sunrise. We tried to restore my notebook computer, which was hacked last night preventing me from publishing a blog post.

The surf was crashing on the shore and the sun played off the waves perfectly by the time we went down to breakfast.

We said farewell to Fred and Doris, loaded up and drove to Charleston. We found our hotel easily, but had difficulty finding a spot to unload the luggage--the streets are very narrow. Bill and I  left the rest of the group and all our luggage in front of the hotel and drove over to the Cruise Ship dock parking area--I thought we could park there but I was mistaken. As Bill drove around I called the hotel and asked where we could park a 25 foot long rig in this town. The desk clerk sent us to the visitors center. Bill drove around the narrow streets while I made arrangements for parking. This whole ordeal took an hour and a half!

Kathie, Diana, Dennis and Tom walked from the hotel to the visitors center to meet us. After lunch we walked past this full scale model of the H L Hunley, a Civil War submarine that was lost at sea after its first successful hit on a Union battleship and was located in 1995 and raised in 2000. The real Hunley is at the old Charleston Navy Base in North Charleston, but can only be seen on weekends. It's hard to imagine a crew of men living and dying in this small vessel.

We walked back to the hotel and checked in. Bill restored my computer and then Kathie, Diana, Tom, Dennis and I walked through the old cemetery at the Circular Congregational Church.

We wandered over to the Mills Hotel where Shrimp City Slim was playing the blues.

We came back for Bill and went to dinner at Jestine's Kitchen, a cool little place near the hotel. When Diana got up to take a photo a nearby diner offered to take a shot of all of us. This is a lovely town and the weather is perfect. We are happy to be here.

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