Thursday, January 26, 2017

January 26, 2017. Lake Tahoe, CA

We decided to go snowshoeing today. Malorie, Erica and Alex went with Bill and me and we all met Dianne at Northstar Resort. On our way out of Squaw Valley I took this photo to show the depth of the snow along the road. It is incredible!

We wandered around Northstar Village while Bill parked the car and then waited for Dianne to get back from parking her car. Bill walked down to the shuttle to wait for her and noticed that she got off the "blue lot" bus, the same as he did. We all rode the tram up to the level of the snowshoe and cross country ski trails.

When we got there several employees were crafting snow steps to get down from the base level of 90 inches or so to the doorway to the equipment rental shop. Bill and I brought our own snowshoes but everyone else had to rent them, and we all had to buy trail passes (except Alex, who was free).

We started out on the multi-use trail, which was very wide and smooth. Below are Erica and Alex, ready to go.

We turned onto the snowshoe trail and it was a bit more difficult to navigate! We stopped for a water break and took a few more photos.

After a mile or so Alex was getting pretty weary... we came to an intersection with the multi-use trail and everyone else went on that trail where the going was a little easier. I stayed on the snowshoe trail and we planned to meet at the Caboose, where several trails intersect. Below photo shows the snowshoe trail.

When I got to the Caboose no one was there. It was boarded up for "renovation".  I looked at the map up there because I did not have one on me. After waiting around a while I headed down the trail that I thought the rest of my party would be on--the quickest route down the mountain to the rental shop.

Half a mile down that trail I found the whole crew; when I asked why they did not wait for me at the Caboose they told me they hadn't gotten there yet!

It was much easier going downhill on the multi-use trail than it was going up on the snowshoe trail! On the way down we saw several fat tire bikers, many cross country skiers, but no other snowshoers.

We finally got back to the rental shop and they turned in their snowshoes. Our plan was to go down in the tram and go find lunch. The man in the rental shop told us we should go up a different tram instead, and eat at the lodge up there.

It was a beautiful ride, and we were in the building with our coats off when we found out they were already closed for the day!

So we went back down the mountain via two different trams, got on the shuttle to go to the parking lot, and Dianne did not remember where she parked her car!  We got our Jeep and drove around a little, but did not find the lot with her car. Finally we drove back to the shuttle station and Dianne and I got back on the shuttle bus and went to the other "blue" parking lot that was in use that day.  We found her car right away, loaded up and headed to Truckee for lunch. It was already after 4 PM!

We had a nice dinner at Jax at the Tracks, a restored diner. After dinner I got back in the car with Dianne to navigate her back to her rental house.

Bill picked me up there and we headed back to the Plumpjack. Malorie and I walked out through the snow tunnels to the outdoor hot tub for a short soak, and now we are done for the day.

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