Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 24, 2017. The Long Way Home.

We ate motel breakfast on our last day to save the time of going out again. We loaded up the car and set out for Fresno, with plenty of time to stop at the local scrapbook stores I found on line.

The first two were in Visalia, or at least their websites said they were. One had moved just recently, according a neighboring store, but when I called their number it was disconnected. The second one was gone and a realty office was in its place. The third one I drove to was in Fresno, again no longer there. I called another one near Fresno and the number was disconnected.

So we went to the airport earlier than expected, turned in the rental car and found out that our flight was delayed by 11 minutes. We had about an hour and 15 minutes between the FAT-DFW leg and the DFW-DTW leg so I figured we'd be OK.

When we landed at Dallas, there was a disabled plane at our gate, awaiting a giant tow truck to move it out of the way. The second gate they assigned us to was clogged with maintenance equipment. They assigned us to a third gate in terminal C. By the time we pulled up to the gate it was time for our next flight to be boarding.

A gate agent was at our arriving gate telling each of us which gate to go to for connecting flights. We ran to the escalator, ran up it, ran to the train and took it to terminal A. We then hurried down the escalator and got to our gate as they were boarding the last group. Didn't get lunch, didn't get to stop at the restroom, but got on our flight!

Our luggage did not get on the flight. When we got to Detroit and the last bags came down to the carousel, we had to go to the lost luggage office; they were expecting us--they knew our luggage was still in Dallas. So it will be delivered here tomorrow. I can live without all that dirty laundry one more day! What a great trip!

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