Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 11 and 12, 2017. Edison Boat Club and Home.

Friday morning Bill took our boat motor to be repaired, then drove to Grosse Ile to get keys to borrow a motor from our friend Fred, who is out of town.

He arrived with the borrowed motor, put it on the boat and tried it--it started fine.

We had planned to sail on Lake St. Clair today, but the weather was not good. We sat out the rain in the Edison Boat Club clubhouse, then went to dinner in the club restaurant. After dinner we went over our plans for the trip to Thousand Islands, Ontario.

When Bill went to get the spare motor he brought back the mesh screens I made for the boat. We had a mosquito-free night. This morning we started the borrowed motor, used it to get out into the river, then shut it down and sailed all the way home!

There was an EPA boat in Detroit, and the Fire boats were having some kind of drill or training.

In no time at all Detroit was behind us!

We only used the motor to get out of the dock at the boat club, get through the Grosse Ile Toll Bridge (for safety reasons) and to dock the boat at home! We really hauled!

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