Monday, February 4, 2008

Indoor Training continued

I did my first indoor 50 mile ride on Thursday. This time, instead of watching movies, (which, while entertaining, does not inspire me to ride faster or harder) I watched some videos of bike rides I have done in the past--two Michigander videos (week long Rails to Trails rides) and two white water rafting vidoes from a trip to West Virginia 6 years ago. Watching myself and others ride our bikes and paddle the rapids was a lot more inspiring than watching old movies! I ran across a DVD of the Erie Canal Ride I did several years ago, and a sailboat racing DVD, so as soon as I get a DVD player hooked up in the basement I will have more active videos to help me pedal. I may even actually purchase some bike training videos... If you have any you want to unload, let me know! Who else still uses VHS?

The Husband (thank you, dear) attached my new aero bars yesterday and I did a short ride with them--it made a huge difference and I am looking forward to training and riding with them. Later on he asked me how much I paid for them (they are really nice: adjustable vertically, horizontally, and longitudinally)... Of course I told him the cost, and then reminded him how much we would save by not buying a triathlon bike if I got really comfortable with these bars. (I know all you guys out there are laughing at me).

Today was a swim day, so it's back on the bike tomorrow. This week's long ride is 53 miles and I think I'll do it on Thursday again; that seemed to work well last week. It's a relief being able to do long training sessions on weekdays now that I'm retired;-)

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Anonymous said...

You are incredible, Linda.
When are you going to write your
book and make millions?

See you in April -

Love you -
Proud member of St. Pat's