Thursday, February 14, 2008

Winter riding, still

Last Tuesday we had a heat wave--45 degrees! I was able to ride 44 miles of my long ride for the week outside--What a treat! I am so looking forward to spring.

Went to the bike shop with my cousin Margaret, who is looking for a bike. Bike shops are great fun... The Husband says I am "high maintenance" because I have 2 bikes! (I was surprised to see the white triathlon bike from last year still on the wall, but I didn't bite. 3 bikes would be ultra high maintenance). You know the jokes about women and shoe stores? It's Linda and bike shops around this house.

I met up with a bunch of my elementary school buddies for lunch last Saturday. That was a real treat! Of course we all look exactly the same as we did in 8th grade and would have recognized each other anywhere:-) A couple of them have left comments on this blog relating to my big adventure. I appreciate all of the support!

I just wish I could train outside! I considered heading south but it does not work with my busy schedule, and we are already taking a trip next month... sans bikes... so back to the basement I go...


The Husband said...


The Husband said...

I counted the number of shoes in your closet last night. You are not high maintenance yet. I will miss you when you are on the road. I will remember what I have missed about you when I meet you on the rest days