Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh NO... I'm injured!

After days on the Internet, I have self-dignosed my inner knee pain--I believe I have Plica Syndrome. I definitely have inflammation on the medial side of my right knee. It does not feel like a tear, having had experience with a rotator cuff tear a couple of years ago... it is warm to the touch, slightly swollen, painful when walking, especially on the stairs (of which we have many).

My family doc is treating me for the inflammation, and I have an appointment Monday with a sports orthopedist... I will take my exercise logs with me! MY plan is to reduce the inflammation and then do some PT. (family doc gave me a scrip for PT, but I'll wait until I see the ortho guy). According to what I've read and heard (thanks Erika) I need to do strengthening of all aspects of the quadriceps--I have become unbalanced due to much increased cycling and reduction in gym (strength training) time and running. Proable cause of my probable problem: rapidly increasing cycling mileage.

I guess this is why I started my tour training early--although it hurts me to not be cycling, I do have the time to make it up and still be ready for the Coast to Coast ride in May. At least the weather is lousy--I would feel so much worse if I was missing good cycling weather!

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