Monday, March 3, 2008

Oh NO... part 2

Well, I went to the sports orthopedist this AM.... The Bad News: he thinks I may have a medial meniscus tear and set me up for an MRI. The Good News: I can cycle and swim, no running... can continue training for the ride without incurring further damage... but no running. If knee needs to be scoped, it can wait until after the ride. I guess I can live without running, but that shoots my fall triathlon season. We all have choices! I chose to do this ride this year, and I am going to do it!

I consented to a shot of cortisone in my knee. Been there for other body parts and know the risks and benefits of it... I had already decided before I went in that I would accept it. Doc thinks the knee should feel better in a couple of days. He also suggested I get one more shot right before the ride if need be... (I know, it's a lot of drugs. I went through this with my shoulder a couple of years ago--I used the cortisone to make it through the triathlon season and delay the surgery until winter, and it did me no further harm).

On a positive note: I emailed the bike shop today with the 3 page list of things I need to have done to my bike before the ride, and asked them if they could do it next week when I am out of town. I am anxiously awaiting their reply! By the time the list is completed it will be like riding a new bike--and I should be able to ride outdoors for the rest of the training. That is very good news indeed!

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