Thursday, May 8, 2008

On my way

I am leaving in a couple of hours! My next post will be from California, whether by a public access computer or my phone. I tried to get an external keyboard for my phone (read: bigger) but the phone store did not have one. We saw one on line yesterday, but too late to order and have delivered.

I have too much stuff! It is not the clothing that is heavy, but the other stuff--sunscreen, lotion, shampoo, chamois butt'r and other ointments... Of course I am carrying my bike shoes and gloves and helmet too, and they don't count in the 30 pound limit. I can ditch the few bottles of lotion and shampoo if I'm overweight. And I will change clothes before I leave home today. No way am I wearing jeans on the plane and then having to tote them around for 50 days!

My bike showed up with one wheel out of true. Other than that it is good to go, so by the time I get there it'll be ready. A bunch of us are meeting in the hotel lobby at 9 tomorrow AM to go for a bike ride (what else?) around the area, see the beach, etc. So there will be a group of up to 30 people of all ages, who have never met each other before, meeting up in the lobby tomorrow morning. What fun! I guess we'll recognize each other by our funny clothes! (bike jerseys and shorts).

This truly is going to be a great adventure!

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