Saturday, May 17, 2008

Photo of the day

Red rocks of Sedona fom the café balcony. What a great day.

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soulboating08 said...

Hi Linda,

So how was 89A? Steep as ever I’m sure, but that view… breathe taking! I was talking to Erika this week and she said you had a day off in Flagstaff. She asked me to send along some ideas for sightseeing and restaurants since I lived there for a few years. As for food, there’s a little coffee shop just south of the train tracks on Beaver St. called Macy’s. They have really good coffee and high calorie pastries. Grab your coffee and head for the outdoor sitting area across the street where you can relax and take in the views of Humphrey’s Peak (~12,600 ft). If you want something more than pastries, next door is La Belivia (sp?), which has arguably the best breakfast in town. Also take note of the brewery right there because it’s a great place for dinner. I highly recommend the fondue appetizer and the Green Goddess Salmon Salad.

The Museum of Northern Arizona off 180, heading towards the Grand Canyon, has a great collection of Native American artwork and history of the Colorado Plateau. If I remember correctly, it’s ~6 miles out of town…what’s another 6 miles tacked on to 3,500 miles. I also recommend the evening tour at the Lowell Observatory. Make sure you check their schedule first. If you want to rest your rear-end, downtown has many shops to explore.

Good Luck!

Brian- EPA