Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12 Champaign, IL to Crawfordsville, IN: 79 miles

We don't have a computer here at this hotel, so this will be short (from the phone).

This morning was the helmet decorating contest, and it was great fun. I have photos, and will post them when I can. We left out of Champaign on a sunny windy morning. The wind was from the SSE, which was unfortunate for us as we were riding east... So we had a quartering headwind all day, picking up momentum in the afternoon.

I started out in an easy gear to be sure not to further injure my hamstring... But it's hard to pedal easy when fighting the wind. Around the 15 mile mark Meredith caught up with me and invited me to draft off of him for a while. We rode together the rest of the day, stopping for lunch at a cool little place called the Bus Stop. Had turkey sandwiches and homemade peanut butter brownies.

In at 2:45, which immediately became 3:45 due to the time change. That was our last time zone change of this trip. That black line is creeping across the map!

Short day tomorrow into Indianapolis so we get to sleep in an hour and leave at 8 instead of the usual 7 AM. This in addition to the time change...

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