Friday, June 27, 2008

June 27 Burlington to Boston, MA: 18 miles

When we left at 7:00 this morning it was already 73 degrees and a bit muggy, on its way up to the mid 80s... no jackets needed today!
We had a very convoluted route to our regrouping point--about 30 turns on busy city streets in 13 miles of riding! Four people got lost, but not me and George...
When we got to the regrouping point, there were no restrooms! Of course many of us required one. Fortunately there were large bushes--one set for the guys and a separate set for the girls! I am not making this up! In the city, we had to go in the bushes!
After we regrouped, we lined up behind a CrossRoads van, two by two, and started the 5 mile ride to the beach. Traffic was horrendous, and about halfway there, a traffic cop who had been going the other way turned around and went to the front of the line, lights and sirens going. He then called 2 other cars to run blockade for us. So we were escorted to the beach with 3 police cars, lights and sirens going!
When we turned onto the boulevard at the beach, people were lined up with their cameras ready. We looped around (because it was a boulevard, one way traffic at the waterside) and there were the rest of our friends and relatives (including Laura S who had done the first 2 weeks of the ride with us). I got tears in my eyes! There was the Atlantic Ocean and here we were! Sirens and all!
We took our bikes to the beach and dipped our wheels in the water. Randy rode his bike into the water, and several people ran out and dived in! We took many photos, some of which are posted for you above. Notice the women and their tan lines. The group photo shows a group of friends--funny how that same group was in a photo at the Pacific Ocean 7 weeks ago, but it was a group of strangers then.
I look at the photos and I look at the map. I think it still has not sunk in yet--I really rode my bike from coast to coast! Wow! Final banquet is tonight and tomorrow we head home. I'll go up and charge the camera!


kaz said...

had tears in my eyes too reading your last adventure of the trip...
enjoy your banquet , by god you deserve it
(george's daughter karen )

marj said...

Fantastic, I bet you felt like royalty riding with a police escort,I felt very emotional and had tears too, so what you all must be feeling I don't know! enjoy the rest of the day and safe journey home, you are all amazing...Marj

Anonymous said...

way to go Linda it was a great trip thanks for letting me set home ang go along with you.

Congradulations. I'll miss reading about you every night.

Peggy Inman-Leiffer

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe you are there.
It was such fun reading about you everyday. But this last one, at the beach was emotional and gave me goose bumps, it was wonderful.

Enjoy your dinner, it will be nice having Bill with you, have a good and safe ride home. How many D.Q.s ride is that?

Love, Wooster

Anonymous said...

Way to go Linda.
Tim says that would be a good future goal for me........I say heck no. Not after all you've told me... I don't like the hills in front of my house much less mountains. Really enjoyed reading your blog every day, we are so proud of you.

Christy & Tim said...

One can understand why the emotions are running high, you have all endured the high`s and low`s of this awesome ride. We would love to have your memories, something to dwell on for many year`s to come. We hope that you have all made some lasting friendships. It just all seem`s to have gone by so fast.
Regards to all the team, thank`s for all the very interesting updates along the way.