Sunday, June 29, 2008

The banquet; the ride home. It's over!

The final banquet was fun, a little anticlimactic. Especially after the events of the night before (including the song). We took some photos, which I will upload later. I seem to be having a problem communicating with my own computer after being gone so long... I also have a lot of photos from the trip that are not on the blog--I have not yet decided how I will make them available to those who would like to see them.

The banquest was very nice--a little social ahead of the dinner, good food, and good company. We each received a certificate of our accomplishment, and some other awards were given as well. The map with the black line that now extends from coast to coast was awarded to Achim and Alex to take home to Germany. The sign with an arrow pointing to Boston was awarded to Amy, due to her amazing recovery from a terrible bike/car accident. The 1,000 milestone sign was awarded to George, who had not even owned a bike until weeks before the tour began. Meredith got to take home the 2,000 mile sign, since he persevered through both bike problems and health problems to finish the ride. The 3,000 mile sign was awarded to Janie for being such a trooper as well as an EFI. The LA to Boston sign is now Beverly's, for being strong and pulling through, and learning how to cut the chat at the sags in order to get to the hotel before dinner!
;-) Beverly is going to send me photos from the banquet, which I will post here along with the few that Bill and I took. Look for them in a couple of days.

We left the hotel yesterday morning about 8:00 AM, stopped for breakfast soon after, and then headed west. We took Beverly as far as Rochester, NY, about halfway for us. Of course we chatted all the way, which was probably wearing on the driver (Bill) but he was a good sport about it. After Beverly was delivered to her brother's truck at the Thruway exit (around 4:30 PM) we continued on to Buffalo before stopping. As much as I would have liked to make it home in one day, it was 6 PM and we had had about all we could stand in the truck. So we had dinner and got a room at yet another hotel, making it 54 days since I'd slept in my own bed.

This morning I was awake and hungry at 5:00, as usual. I'm going to have to get over that! We left the motel just before 7, got a small breakfast and hit the road. I did some driving today, first time behind the wheel in almost 2 months; at expressway speeds, in the rain, in the one-ton truck with a stick shift.... not a problem. Like I told Bill (who desperately needed a break from driving) it's just like riding a bike! You don't forget how. (He didn't laugh).

I still intend to publish my impressions of the trip here, but am not quite ready--it's too soon to tell how I really feel; still a bit numb. But it is good to be home!


Marie Swan said...

Congratulations! You did it! I have really enjoyed reading your log. So much adventure. What a wonderful way to chronicle your trip. You have a great log to refer back to. A great way to post pictures for others to view is Costco if you have a membership. They hold your pix for a long time. Others can log on and view them.... What was your total mileage? Can you post your email address here....Marie

Mary B. said...

Loved reading your blog throughout the trip--a great counterpoint to daily blogs from my brother, Don Berens. I especially enjoyed your feminine perspective--including the pink background chosen--and my favorite photo was you with your daughter and grandchild in Erie. Congratulations on an amazing feat! Best, Mary B.

marj said...

Loved reading your blogs every day (very entertaining) will miss them and after your fantastic journey we wish you all the luck in the world....George and Marj

Anonymous said...

I get the impression that you are one funny lady to be around, a real sense of humour. Your family and friends must have really missed you this past seven weeks.
Thank`s for all of the reports and photographs, we are going to miss it all.
All the best for the future.
Ray & Margaret Wilcox. England
P.S. Think that I saw George on a local highway today riding his bicycle (Tuesday.)

Bill said...

re pictures, if you upload them to a Google picassa album, you can add a slideshow of them to your blog!
from gmail click on photos or go to and log in to create your album.
Great ride! Great experience! Wish I could do it sometime, but I'd never be in shape for it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on completing your ride! Thanks for sharing with us. If you are ever riding through Champaign, Illinois again please let me know!
Abby (Mettler Center)

Anonymous said...

Linda - I have just returned from our trip to Oregon (via plane!). It was a great trip.

Congrats on your coast to coast ride. It was so much fun to be along via your bog. You did a great job keeping us up to date with your adventures. I am very proud of you!

See you in August at the Class of '66 reunion!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Linda! I followed your ride every day until I left on the 25th for Poland. I am now home and caught up on the last days of your adventure. See you in August I hope.

:-) Connie Tuma