Friday, June 6, 2008

June 6 St. Joseph to Chillicothe, MO: 86 miles

Posting from the phone, since there is no computer available... It was a great day of riding today. I had been worried about riding these three days in MO, having heard all about the hilly terrain. Everything I heard was true. It was nonstop hills all day. BUT we had a gusty quartering tail wind almost all day. The few miles that we changed direction and had a gusty quartering headwind were enough to remind us how fortunate we really were.

The small town of Maysville came out in force, giving us a warm.welcome with sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, bananas and lemonade. We all lined up and paraded into town for them.

All the little towns had signs listing their name and population. This photo shows the smallest so far...
I had a plate of peach cobbler and ice cream there.

I was OK on the hills con . Some of them were close enough together that I could coast down one and most of the way up the next! My record was 3 hills in a row with no pedaling in between. I'll have plenty of time to practice hillclimbing tomorrow when we pass through the 1,000 Hills State Park!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you met a lot of warm people in MO.