Saturday, June 7, 2008

June 7 Chillicothe to Kirksville, MO: 75 miles

Started out this AM with 90% humidity and 75 degrees and windy... it got hotter, but no less humid throughout the day... the winds were gusting up to 25 MPH from the southwest. Fortunately for us we were heading northeast today! We started out going east on state hwy 36E, and stayed on that road for the first 25 miles, with no stores, no sags, no restrooms. Oh boy!

Stopped at a store at 25.8 miles, had a drink and a snack, and then we turned north on state road 11 North where we stayed the rest of the day. The hills were described as roller coaster hills, and they were! We could see the next 3 or 4 hills in our future every time we crested a big one. One of the staff members who has ridden this ride before told us that there were 148 hills in the last 50 miles of today's ride. I didn't count them, but I'm a beleiver!

By the time I got to the sag at 50 miles I was dripping sweat and too too hot! I poured ice cold water on my head and took a nice long break... took 2 moer short breaks in the last 25 miles, just to cool off!

There is indeed a State Park called 1,000 Hills in the neighborhood, but we did not pass it, so no photo. I have 2 days' worth of Missouri photos but this lobby computer won't upload them! I'll try again tomorrow or when there is no one waiting for this computer.

Thanks Christy for the care package! I can sure use it!

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