Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Amishland and Lakes August 8-9, 2008

My cousin Kat and I took my grandson (Toby) to the Amishland and Lakes ride over the weekend. A great time was had by all! We left noonish on Friday, arriving a little after 3:00 PM. The ride is held in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan every year. We set up the tent and went for a bike ride (of course)! We rode the 14 mile loop and then had a great spaghetti dinner put on by the club that sponsors the ride (Michiana Bicycle Association).

Saturday morning we ate breakfast and left somewhere around 8:00 AM. We chose the 36 mile loop, since Toby successfully rode 23 miles in the shakedown cruise 2 weeks ago. We did pretty well--we stopped at the sags and a few other times; once we had lemonade and cookies that we bought from 3 Amish children sitting out in front of their yard. We also stopped for lunch, and to take photos of the hairy animals shown above (NO not the horses, the other ones!).

We saw many Amish people out in their buggies and on bicycles. At some points there were more horses and buggies on the road than there were cars! After we were through with our ride we took showers and Toby and Kat flew his fantastic kite, then we had supper, read a while and went to bed.

Unfortunately, the kite was left behind stuck in a tree... we packed up the tent Sunday morning since Kat and I had an elementary school reunion Sunday afternoon. When I asked Toby if he would rather do more miles, less miles or the same next time he said he would like to do more! Is is cruel and unusual punishment to take an 8-year old on a 50 mile bike ride????? We were all disappointed to miss Sunday's ride--it was a perfect morning after the big storm Saturday evening...


charles said...

We were at the Amishland and Lakes Bike Tour also. We recognize your kite and remember it flying Saturday night and that we saw it Sunday morning stuck in the tree in front of the Merritt Dining Hall.
We also thoroughly enjoyed the bike tour... My friend Cathy Fox and I are new to this so we only rode the 23 mile course Saturday, but our husbands Chuck Fox and Chuck Melvin rode the 50 mile. During our ride we stopped at an Amish farm stand where the kids were selling fresh baked soft pretzels. MMMM delicious! They were good! Also stopped at the FryPie stand at another Amish homestead. What a wonderful experience. Next year we're coming back... and we'll be doing the 36 mile course instead of the 23.
Hope you come back next year also. This has been a wonderful tour.
Cathie Melvin and husband Chuck
and Chuck and Cathy Fox

Cathy said...

The bike tour was wonderful. The country side was beautiful as were the Amish children. I had heard there would be fields of Glads/Iris/Flags, but only saw one measley field.

Howe Military School was very interesting. I am not sure that I would send my children there, but it would be a good threat!

The food was delicious and the Michiana Bicycle Club did a good job, they should be proud of their club.

I am so glad our friends talked us into this experience. It was my first bike tour and I plan on taking many more. Thanks, Cathie and Chuck!!!

Marie Swan said...

Heck no, 50 miles isn't too much for an eight year old. Break him in early! You'll have a riding buddy for life. ; )