Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Results from medical tests

I have some good news! The doctor's assistant finally called me yesterday with results from the biopsies I had last month. There is no cancer. The inflammation they saw at the intersection of the esophagus and stomach (the exact place my mother's deadly cancer was located) was neither an ulcer nor a cancer. There was an abnormal blood vessel and a hyperplastic polyp in my colon, but again, no cancer. Yay! I am free for the next 5 years before I have to worry all over again.

I also got a written report from the cardiologist who verified that I had an episode of tachycardia, but it was not repeated in the lab (I already knew that). He said if it happens again (it already has) that I might want to get an event logger, a fancy hart rate monitor. I intend to leave it be until or unless it begins to affect the quality of my life. My reason for this is that the common maintenance procedure for tachycardia is to put the patient on beta blockers, which reduce the heart rate all the time. I'm already at around 50 bpm resting heart rate.... I don't think I want to chemically reduce that. I'll see what happens. Perhaps it won't happen again if I don't push myself so hard? I should start wearing my heart rate monitor and pace myself a little better.

Anyway, life is good!

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Marie Swan said...

Congratulations Linda, That is wonderful news. Keep on adventuring and keep on writing. Marie