Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sept. 19, 2008 Day 0: Home to Boston, PA

Fred, Doris, Otis and I left home around 8 AM, and it was a rather uneventful ride. When we arrived at Yough Shore Manor we found it wide open with the lights on and nobody home. We were a little apprehensive about entering the building, but went in and looked around little. We could see the bike cases for our biking associates on the back deck.

Someone called the Inn's proprietor, Lin, and she came over to see us. She was very surprised that we had not just moved right in since she left the place open for us. It was a very cool place--each room was decorated in a different theme! There was the Wild West room, the Victorian Room, the Garden room, the Oriental room, the Las Vegas room, the Safari room and the Hawaiian room. There was a communal kitchen decorated in a vintage Coca Cola theme and one bathroom was in the process of being turned into an Outhouse theme.

Fred and Doris chose the Wild West room, complete with red bra hanging from the chandelier, John Wayne on the wall, and a rattlesnake in the powder room! I chose the Victorian room, and Otis decided that the Oriental room would be best for him and Charlie to share since it was the only room with 2 beds. Otis and Fred settled into their rooms for a nap while Doris and I explored the rail trail with Schotze, who was here to keep Doris company in the sag truck for the duration of the trip.

Otis went down to McKeesport to pick up Dianne, Barbara and Charlie from the bus station (they had come in by train and plane, and shuttled to the bus station). We all went to dinner at a great Italian restaurant and started to get to know one another. We were the only people at the Inn that night, and when we returned from dinner, Charlie, Barbara and Dianne put their bikes together with help from Fred.

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