Thursday, September 18, 2008

Off to the next adventure...

We are leaving momentarily... driving to Pittsburgh today, getting on the bikes tomorrow morning. Here is our itinerary: Day 1 Pittsburgh to Ohiopyle, PA 56 miles. Day 2 Ohiopyle, PA to Frostburg, MD 58 miles. Day 3 Frostburg to Hancock, MD 76 miles. Day 4 Hancock, MD to Harper's Ferry, WV 63 miles. Day 5 Harper's Ferry WV to Bethesda, MD 58 miles. Mind you, this is all on the new Rail Trail! (read: gravel path).

I have not looked at a map or called a hotel! Others made all the arrangements and I am sort of going along for the ride.... I will pay my way (after I stop at an ATM on the way out!) and ride my bike. It is a great escape for sure, especially considering that we will be off the road and out of traffic for the entire ride! I will post from libraries along the way if and when I can find them.

If I ever decide to do another coast to coast biking adventure, perhaps I will do it on the rail trails--the section we are doing will eventually be part of the coast to coast rail trail system. Rails to Trails Conservancy is spearheading this massive trail system. If you've never ridden a rail trail, perhaps it is time to start! You can find trails here:

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