Saturday, October 11, 2008

Not so bad after all

The arthroscopy on my right knee went well. I had one moment of angst when the anesthesiologist said he wanted to give me a spinal! I said no! He said OK. I was back in recovery in just a minute, or so it seemed, really about an hour. The doc said the knee was worse than he expected from the MRI I had last March. There was a hunk of loose cartilage moving around under the knee cap as well as the meniscus tear. Quote of the day from the doc: "I don't know how you rode your bike across the country with your knee like that! "

So yesterday I read a good book and sorted some pictures while sitting in my ugly chair (I'll try to get photos of the chair later today) and icing my knee sporadically. I did not need crutches so far, which is a good thing since I can't find the ones that are my size--the only ones I could find are 2 different pairs used by my giant children in injuries past. Walking around the house is not bad, better than I expected, although stairs are a trial.

Doc said no swimming for 2 weeks (want to keep it as dry as possible) but add other activites as I feel like it. So far I have needed help putting on socks and washing the foot attached to the injured knee. I expect to be biking in no time! Life is good!

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Marie Swan said...

Hi Linda,
I'm glad to hear that your surgery went well! I hope your recovery goes as well. I enjoy your continued blogging adventures. How many miles did you put on your bike this year? Marie