Saturday, December 27, 2008

6,000 Miles!

I went out on my bike this morning in the thick fog... it was a veritable heatwave for December in Michigan: 43 degrees! The snow is already half gone! I had just 20 miles to go to make 6,000, and did not want to wait too long. It was supposed to get up to 60 degrees this afternoon, but that would be accompanied by heavy rain and high winds; I took my chances with the fog. I could not even see the river (100 feet away) when I pulled out of the garage. About one mile down the road a bald eagle swooped over my head and landed in a nearby tree. I thought "this is my lucky day"! A few times during the ride a balmy breeze blew past me, teasing me I guess. We all know it's not spring yet...

As I neared the end of my ride the fog lifted, actually the
wind picked up and blew it away. I pulled in the driveway thinking I would ask Bill to come out and take a photo for this blog. I got to the door and there was a note--he'd gone to work. So I called Erika and she came over and did the honors. It was not as satisfying as riding down to Revere Beach last June, but I had a great feeling of accomplishment anyway!

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CommonLoon said...

Wow! Congrat on 6K! That is an accomplishment that takes a great deal of dedication. Hope to see you at some of the DTE rides.